Why Join Miracle Media TV

You have a message. We want to deliver it.

We started Miracle Media TV with the philosophy of making it quick and simple for anyone with a spiritual message to put their content on any screen that’s connected to the internet. Now, we stream live and on-demand content to over 200 countries, have over 1MM unique viewers per month, and allow churches and church organizations, big or small, to deliver their message without any hassle of development.




Monthly Viewers



We are the fastest growing faith-based media network that allows you to get your content online and in front of as many people as possible without any of the startup hassle.

We take away the need for website, app, and channel development and let you get your content online in an instant. If you have followers that can’t make it to church because of distance or health reasons, we can take care of that.

Don’t let other sites distract your congregation with pesky ads or recommendations to content that’s not spiritually motivating. We keep your content within your own channel and relevant to your message and views.

Our multi-platform solution allows followers to watch your content on their iOS or Android smart-phone or tablet, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and many others by simply getting started with us today.

And getting started is easy. All you have to do is fill in your information, provide a photo and description for your channel, upload your first piece of content, and you’ll instantly be on virtually any device that has a screen and an internet connection. It’s really that simple.

Let your message be heard by others that can’t be reached physically.

Let your followers be shown the way, regardless of where they are.

Get started today.

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